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Monday, 5 August 2013

Bannock: Another Fallow Field of Fast Food?

This is another venture into, for me at least, an unkown field. This time it is yet another staple food, namely bread in the form of bannock.

I was recently challenged by a fellow food blogger to come up with something out of the ordinary.  Her name is +Dionne Baldwin and she is a devoted foodie and teacher, working hard in her community.

The reward for the challenge is a guest blog post on her blog at Try Anything Once

In sympathy with +Dionne Baldwin 's community work, I decided to make the type of bread known as bannock.

Bread comes in many forms, including the familiar sandwich loaf you buy from the supermarket. Similar forms of bread also originate from different areas in the world. And bread does not have to be dull or ordinary.

...

Authored by Johan Zietsman.

Reposted from The Hungry Sailor on 2013-08-05

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